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No More Security Questions & Answers

Two-Step Verification replaces security questions, so you won’t have to remember your answers to security questions anymore.

Setup Takes Just a Few Minutes

Once we launch Two-Step Verification, you’ll be asked to set it up when you login.
1. Add a phone number or numbers

You can receive your one-time security codes by mobile, landline and even international phone numbers.

2. Add an email address alerts for security

You’ll get emails to keep you informed of any changes to your security information, like when your login name or password changes, or when your phone numbers are added or deleted.

3. Select a login option

You’ll be sent a one-time security code by phone when we need to confirm your identity. You can also choose to have Two-Step Verification required every time you login, for extra security.

How Does It Work?

To confirm your identity, you may be asked for a one-time security code after you login. This confirms it’s really you accessing your account and helps protect your personal information. Here are a couple of examples of when you might be asked:

  • You login from an unfamiliar device or location
  • You reset your password
  • You want to view or change the pin

If you’re asked, just tell us which phone number to send your security code to, and whether you want us to text or call you.

Once you receive your security code, simply enter it when prompted as part of the login process.

Each security code is unique, and you’ll never be contacted by MBNA and asked to reveal the security code over the phone.

How Can I Receive Security Codes?

You can receive security codes one of two ways:

By text
Get the security code via text message to your mobile phone. It arrives instantly, and it's easy to access when you’re travelling.

By call
If getting a phone-call is more convenient, you can get your security code by voice message on your mobile or landline phone.

Make sure you add all of your phone numbers while setting up Two-Step Verification. That way you can choose which number you want your security code to be sent to at any particular time.