MBNA Mobile App

Convenient credit card account access on the go

Whether you’re running to a meeting or picking up the kids from school, life can certainly get busy. To help you maximize your time, we suggest downloading the MBNA Mobile App.

The MBNA Mobile App has self-serve features like balance transfers, card activation and e-statement enrolment. It can help you save time and make managing your finances more convenient. More time on your hands means more time for what matters most.

Self-serve features


Minimum payment

It’s easy to keep track of your minimum payment. Simply check it on the MBNA Mobile App.

Current balance

Conveniently check your current balance any time of the day so you’re always up-to-date on your finances.

Credit limit & available balance

Now you can keep an eye on your credit limit and available balance to help prevent you from going over.
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Past-due amount

You can quickly check any past-due amounts 24/7 through the MBNA Mobile App.
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Transaction history

Never lose track of your transactions. Check what you’ve spent over the last week or month.
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View your statements anytime on the MBNA Mobile App.

Additional services

  • Special offers: Be among the first to know about special offers just for you.
  • Replacement cards: Lost your credit card? Call us at 1 888-876-62621 888-876-6262 to cancel it and then easily order a new one on the Mobile App.
  • Balance transfers: Make a balance transfer using your MBNA account to pay a balance owing on another credit card, or use available credit on your MBNA account to transfer funds into your bank account. Terms and applicable fees apply.
  • Add an authorized user: Add up to 9 authorized users to your credit card account¤
  • Confirm charges: Overcharged or charged for something you don’t recognize? View transaction details on the Mobile App.
  • Personal information: Securely update your personal information anytime.

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