Identity Protection


Credit Alert® Plus helps you monitor, manage and protect your credit and identity information. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Credit report: You will receive an easy-to-read copy of your Equifax credit report with your credit score so you can make sure that your information is accurate with no unexpected activity.
  • Daily monitoring and surveillance: Credit report inquiries are key indicators of identity fraud and are monitored from both major Canadian credit reporting agencies — Equifax and TransUnion. Mail or e-mail alerts allow you to respond quickly when identity fraud is suspected.
  • Quarterly credit update report: Every three months, you will receive a new score, information on any new accounts opened, certain inquiries made, address changes and identification information changes.
  • Credit education specialists: Credit education specialists can help you understand your credit report, walk you through credit or fraud issues and explain how information is obtained and retained by the credit reporting agencies.
  • Identity theft victim assistance and restoration services: You will have access to trained specialists at the Credit Fraud Resource Centre who will walk you through the steps of restoring your credit if you should become a victim of identity theft.
  • Security software: Help protect your computer and internet identity from hackers, thanks to anti-virus and anti-key logging software.
  • 24/7 online access: Access your credit information any time on the Credit Alert® website or mobile app.

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