1. What can I do with the new MBNA mobile app?

The MBNA® mobile app now allows you to access information about your MBNA credit card account in a simple and secure way through your iPhone or Android smartphone. Through the mobile app, you are able to complete many of the tasks you can do through the MBNA online banking website such as updating your personal information, viewing your monthly statement, and much more.

2. Why do I have to enter my information each time I sign into the app?

To ensure your account information remains confidential, we require you to log in each time; however as we develop new capabilities for the app, we will work to include enhanced methods for signing in.

3. Do I have to enroll in MBNA Online Banking before using the MBNA mobile app?

You do not need to enroll in Online Banking before downloading the MBNA mobile app to your device. Online Banking enrollment can be completed through the app itself once downloaded. You can also enroll through the desktop site at mbna.ca. The process to enroll is the same for both.

4. Is the MBNA mobile app available for Tablets?

Currently the MBNA mobile app is not available for tablets.

5. Where do I find temporary authorizations?

Under the Activity Tab, you are able to view all your credit card transactions that have taken place within the Statement Period, including temporary authorizations (transactions that have not yet posted to your account).

6. Where do I find Statement information?

On the Statement Tab at the bottom of the screen, you can select the Statement Period for which you'd want to see your transactions

7. Can an Authorized User have access to the app? If so, how?

Both Primary Cardholders and Authorized Users will need to enroll in Online Banking in order to log-in and use the MBNA mobile app. Online Banking enrollment can be done through the app after downloading it to your device or done through the desktop site at mbna.ca.

8. Is the MBNA mobile app available in multiple languages?

The MBNA mobile app is currently available in English and French. To access the French version of the MBNA mobile app, you will need to change the language settings on your device to French.

From iPhone:

1. On your phone's home screen, touch Settings
2. Search General
3. Search International
4. Search Language
5. Choose the language you would like to use, so that the check mark appears in the corresponding field
6. Touch Done

From an Android smartphone:

1. Locate and touch the Settings icon
2. Select the Language & Input option
3. Locate and choose the language you would like to use

9. I don't have a smartphone. Can I still use MBNA online banking?

Yes, if you don't have a smartphone you can log into the mobile optimized website for MBNA online banking on any Internet-enabled wireless device to access information about your MBNA credit card account.

10. Is the MBNA app safe to use?

MBNA employs advanced online security measures. For your protections, we recommend not accessing password protected websites from an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.

11. What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

Contact local authorities, and your network provider.

You can also contact MBNA at 1-888-389-2577 if you feel your banking information is at risk of being stolen so we can help take measures to protect you. While we are unable to lock the user's MBNA mobile app, we recommend you clear all content from the device if you have previously installed services that allow you to remotely clear your device.

The MBNA app is free to download, however standard wireless carrier message and data rates may apply.

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