Ad Choices & Personalization

Through the use of cookies and other technologies, MBNA can enhance your experience with personalized content and offers that may be relevant to you. This technology also enables MBNA's third-party advertising partners to assist us in presenting ads specific to your interests across the internet. We make this tool available to provide you with control over the use of your information.

MBNA and our ad partners may use cookies and other tracking technologies to deliver tailored MBNA advertising to you on third-party websites and mobile apps.

  1. MBNA Tracking and MBNA ads on MBNA sites
    MBNA uses cookies and other technologies that track online behaviour. We are able to track which of our ads you interact with on third-party websites and your activity on MBNA sites. This enables us to provide ads that are more relevant to you. We may collect and use information about your relationship with us to help determine which ads or offers to present to you on third party sites.

  2. Third party advertising tracking
    You can view a list of our third party ad partners and opt-out of our interest-based advertising on third-party websites through the TRUSTe tool. Opting out will block these third parties from other sites you may visit as well.

    The digital partners we use for interest-based advertising through cookies include:

    • Google Inc.
    • Yahoo!
    • Microsoft Corporation
    • Microsoft Corporation (MSN)
    • AOL
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  3. Search engine interest-based tracking
    You can also opt-out of interest-based search engine ads. Just select the notification icon after the URL within the ad text. You may still see our generic MBNA ads after you opt-out. These are not linked to your interests or browsing history.

Learn more about interest-based advertising and the icon you might see on websites and online ads.

Information is collected in different ways

  1. Personalization of MBNA Content
    We may show content and advertisements based on your current or past use of our
    website. If you have a product with us and log in, we also personalize your experience based on your relationship with us. This can occur even after you log out.

  2. Essential cookies
    Some cookies are required for various features of our websites. They also help ensure the security of your browsing experience. You cannot opt-out of the use of essential cookies, unless you disable your browser from accepting them.

    If you choose to disable the cookies feature on your browser, our website might not work properly and your experience may be less than optimal.

To learn more about what information we collect and how we use it, please see our Online Privacy Code.